Monday, May 11, 2020

Is Your God Big Enough? A Journey in Psalms 1-10

Listening to this past Sunday’s sermon (Romans 7:14-25: Understand Christian Sin at reminded me of a quote from John Piper that I keep in the front of my Bible. It and the sermon call me to know God more deeply and love Him more completely:

“Wimpy theology simply does not give a woman a God that is big enough, strong enough, wise enough, and good enough to handle the realities of life in a way that magnifies the infinite worth of Jesus Christ.”

What is your theology like? Is your God big enough, strong enough, wise enough, good enough? Is He sufficient for every reality of your life – every situation, every decision, every emotion? Is He able to accomplish what concerns you, to guard what He has entrusted to you?

My thoughts of Him are constantly being spurred by Scripture to press into Him, to remember His works, to consider HIM. When we meditate on who He reveals Himself to be, we begin to see Him as He is rather than as we simply suppose Him to be.

And how exquisitely lovely He is! My mind and heart are overwhelmed at all that is revealed about our God just in the first 10 chapters of Psalms! They are things I have known about our God but don’t always stop to consider in the moments of life. When I am overcome; speechless; scandalized by sin and pride; weak; feeling lost, useless, bored or edgy… I want to see HIM – I need to see HIM! Oh sister, come and gaze on His beauty with me! Behold Him as He proclaims His name for us in the Psalms…


Ps. 10:14  But You do see, for You note mischief and vexation, that You may take it into Your hands; to You the helpless commits himself; You have been the helper of the fatherless.


Ps. 8:1  O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth! You have set Your glory above the heavens.

He is the JUST JUDGE

Ps. 9:7-8  But the Lord sits enthroned forever; He has established His throne for justice, and He judges the world with righteousness; He judges the peoples with uprightness.


Ps. 4:1  Answer me when I call O God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer.
Ps. 4:3 – He hears when I call; 3:4 – He hears and answers from His holy hill; 5:3 – He hears my voice and receives my worship; 6:8 – He hears the sound of my weeping; 6:9 – He hears my plea and accepts my prayer; 10:17 – He hears the desire of the afflicted.


Ps. 3:5  I lay down and slept; I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.


Ps. 9:10  And those who know Your name put their trust in You; for You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.


Ps. 5:4-5  For You are not a God who delights in wickedness; evil may not dwell with You. The boastful shall not stand before Your eyes; You hate all evildoers.

He is the AVENGER

Ps. 9:12  For He who avenges blood is mindful of them [those who seek Him]; He does not forget the cry of the afflicted.

He is the JOY-GIVER

Ps. 5:11  But let all who take refuge in You rejoice; let them ever sing for joy, and spread Your protection over them, that those who love Your name may exult in You.


Ps. 7:17  I will give to the Lord the thanks due to His righteousness, and I will sing praise to the name of the Lord, the Most High.


Ps. 9:7  But the Lord sits enthroned forever; He has established His throne for justice.
Ps. 10:16  The Lord is king forever and ever; the nations perish from His land.


Ps. 2:7  I will tell of the decree: the Lord said to me, “You are My Son; today I have begotten You.”

Our God is BIG enough, STRONG enough, WISE enough, and GOOD enough for every reality of life! What needs to grow is our understanding of Him! As we grow in grace and knowledge of Him, we will also grow in faith.

In the daily realities of life, meditating on who He is has meant a greater capacity for me to walk in faith by grace. He has granted me patience when I had none. He has given strength and forgiveness in weakness and failure. He has given hope in place of frustration. He has demonstrated His astounding goodness over and over and over. He has covered me with His favor – not because I deserve anything, but because Jesus Christ has redeemed me! In Him, every believer is set apart for God and is covered (surrounded and protected) with the favor of God!

Ps. 4:3  But know that the Lord has set apart the godly for Himself; the Lord hears when I call to Him.

Ps. 5:12  For You bless the righteous, O Lord; You cover him with favor as with a shield.

It is these thoughts of Him that drive me to my knees in praise! Oh, how beautiful He is!

How has the Lord revealed His name to you this week? Keep your heart and mind focused on Him as we continue on through Psalms 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 this week!

You are ever in my prayers – and we know God hears our prayers!


  1. Too many times I put God in a box... I have enjoyed this study... helping me know God better, reminding me of attributes that help me through my day!

  2. Yes! Amen to this Sarah! I am so thankful that God has revealed Himself to us through His word! Seeking to know Him better with you.

    1. Great to have you here! :-) Our God is AWESOME!!